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Sale Instant Hand Pain Relief Warmer- Kwikheat-Hand

Instant Hand Pain Relief Warmer- Kwikheat-Hand

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Instant Hand Pain Relief Warmer- Kwikheat-Hand 

Hand warmer

Kwikheat Warmers are instant, re-usable, Easy to use, fast acting, portable and clinically proven Heat therapy exactly when you need it most.

Product dimension: 4x6x0.5 inches

Instant Heat pack: Fully Active in 15 seconds

Reusable over and over again

Environmentally friendly

Ergonomic Heat Pack designs for Comfortable use.

15 seconds to fully activate: fact acting

Portable: Great for Easy use at Home, but ideal for use while on the go, in the car, travelling, playing sport or even at work.

Provides targeted relief of Joint hand Pain and aches associated with overexertion, strains, sprains and arthritis.

Designed to target finger and knuckle joints as well as top and palm of hand. Finger catch provides additional ease of use.

Intense Heat for a short period of time is the most beneficial therapy for muscle and joint pain relief

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